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        Health care system:
        Hospitals belonging to the traffic-intensive sites, very high cleanliness requirements for health and hospital space not only to ensure the safety of environment, but also to make dust-proof, fire-proof, stain-resistant, antibacterial, radiation and other technical specifications to meet the daily requirements. BTP ceramic plate does not absorb dirt infiltration, and has a strong self-cleaning function can reduce the retention and spread of bacteria, can reduce the problem of cross infection in the hospital environment.



        Transportation systems:

        National traffic such as national roads, subways, tunnels, stations, airports, and so is an important transport hub of the city, reflects the cultural features of the city as a whole. BTP ceramic plate simple fashion, rich in color, wear resistant, simple construction, greatly shortening the construction period, while self-cleaning ability, easy to hang and dust pollution hanging, has become a transportation system construction facing material of choice.



        The financial system:

        The financial system is the lifeblood of modern business centers and capital operation, financial institutions is always on the forefront of the times, reflects the power and social status, financial institutions, architectural design and natural style to match the identity, reflect the modern, commercial and efficient image. BTP ceramic plate, simple modern style and natural, low carbon, dust-proof, stain-resistant, colorfast does not fade, beautiful and durable, winning the favor of banking institutions, and build on the many classic case.



        Home systems:

        BTP ceramic sheet used 5.5mm super thin technology and low carbon technology, achieved tile of thin shaped of and light quantitative, but in products of physical performance parameter aspects silk without less Yu traditional tile, has wear, and resistance dirt, and dust, and anti-impact strong, and fire, advantages, more important of is it than traditional tile to family make out more plenty of space, and color rich, decoration match flexible.